Safety Ear Plugs Counter Display - 58 assorted packs

    Safety Ear Plug Counter Display - 58 assorted packs
  • Passive Bluetooth Rope Neck Worn Headset

    The Walker’s Flexible Neckband Bluetooth Headset features durable aluminum earbuds that magnetically attach to one another when not in use. The headset has been designed from the ground up to provide you with passive hearing protection along with 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity for longer battery life and more secure connection and high quality audio drivers to provide exceptional sound quality and an amazing listening experience. It features a rechargeable battery that provides 15 hours (4 hours Bluetooth streaming). The nylon camo cable means you don’t have to worry about it tangling.
  • AM/FM Digital Radio Muff

    Listen to your favorite radio stations while enjoying daily activities.  This digital muff has a built-in radio with a switch key and volume adjusting key.  Also has a built-in antenna so you always have the best radio quality without losing reception.


  • Bluetooth Passive Muff

    Walker's Passive Bluetooth Muff offers quality passive hearing protection combined with Bluetooth connectivity, making it perfect for your job site needs. Available in Standard Black, as well as High Visibility Green and Blaze Orange so you can choose the perfect color to fit your needs, whether it be to blend in or to stand out!

    Black, Blaze Orange, High Visibility Green

  • Maxprotec Dielectric Muff (copy) 28db

    Hardhat Mounted MAXPROTEC Muff

    Walker's MAXPROTEC Hard Hat Mounted Muff features a unique clip design that is compatible with many of the most popular hardhats on the market (hard hat sold separately). The sound dampening composite housing and sculpted cups allow for both comfort and protection.
    NRR Size

    26dB, 27dB, 28dB

  • MAXPROTEC Dielectric Muff

    Walker's MAXPROTEC Dielectric muff comes in three sizes/NRR ratings to provide you with the ultimate customized dielectric hearing protection.
    NRR Size

    26dB, 27dB, 28dB

  • Razor Slim Passive Muff

    Passive Protection with the Walker's Razor name you've come to trust. Ultra compact and collapsible the Razor Pro Passive will fill any hearing protection need with ease.

    Black, Blaze Orange

  • Infant Passive Muff

    Protect infant's hearing with the Walker's Jr. Infant Passive Muffs.  Growband™ is included to fit the childrens' heads as they grow.

    Baby Blue, Pink


    Foam Corded Ear Plugs - 50 pair tub

    Corded Foam Ear Plugs in 50 pair Dispenser Tub.
  • EXT Safety Combo Kit

    Extra Protection Muff Combo Kitt - Passive

    The Extra Protection Passive Muff combo kit includes all the accessories you need to keep your vision and hearing safe while on a job site or at a sweet paintball game. The muffs boast a full cup design for extra hearing protection while still being compact and foldable. The combo kit includes 1pc Extra Protection Passive Muff + 1pair foam ear plugs + 1 pair Safety Glasses so you can get all your protection needs covered with one simple kit.
  • Pro Low Profile Folding Muff

    Low profile contoured cup. Padded headband for comfortable fit. Soft PVC ear pads.

    Black, Mossy Oak, Orange (Accent), Pink, Pink (Accent), Pink Mossy Oak, Purple (Accent), Teal (Accent)

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