Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my electronic muffs in a constant noise environment, i.e. machine shop?

We do not recommend our electronic products with noise compression for a constant noise environment. The compression will only last a few seconds and then the noise will continue to be amplified. Any of our passive protection products would be appropriate for this kind of use.

Could you explain what the AFT circuit does?

The Digital HD Pro with AFT, Adjustable Frequency Tuning, and the Power Muffs, will allow you to custom tune your unit to the frequency response that best matches your hearing. To adjust the Digital HD Pro AFT circuit, open the cover that is located under the volume control wheel. …it’s like tuning your eyes with binoculars. The AFT circuit is a feature that’s exclusive to Walker’s Power Muffs. The AFT circuit adjustment is located directly under the volume control wheel. This adjustment will allow the user to fine tune the frequency for crystal clear reception.

How do I replace the batteries in my Walker’s product?

It’s important to insert the batteries properly into the unit. Always match the plus side of the battery with the plus side of the compartment door. Most air cell batteries the plus sign is marked on the tape. Once the tape is removed, it’s easy to forget which is the plus and the negative. When inserted properly the battery door should close very easily and the unit will work. If inserted improperly the door will be very difficult to close and the unit will not work. The Behind-the-Ear and In-the-Ear units use a #13 hearing aid battery. The Power Muffs use an “AA” size battery. Both of these batteries can be found at most retail outlets. It could be possible to get a bad battery. So remember to buy extra batteries when purchasing your Walker’s product.

How do I set up my new hearing device?

After taking the unit out to the packing, hang the unit over your ear. Then roll the foam earplug between your thumb and forefinger and insert it into your ear canal. Give it some time to allow the foam to expand. Make sure the tube is facing up toward the ear hook. Then mark a spot on the tube approximately 1/8 inch above where the ear tube and the end of the hook meet. Cut the tube on the mark and place the tube over the end of the ear hook. Insert the battery and your unit is ready to go.

How does the Game Ear protect your hearing?

The products are designed with sound activated compression circuitry, which activates instantly. The Behind-the-Ear models delivers a noise reduction rating of 29 to 31 dB. With proper use and care, your Walker’s product should last you many, many years. With Walker’s your hearing protection is truly our concern.

What causes a hissing sound or what we call sea shell effect?

There are three main causes of hissing sound:

Ambient noise and amplification.
Some people can actually hear the unit running. The model with AFT you can actually filter that out.
It could be caused by the acoustic seal. Test the acoustic seal. Can’t get a good seal, get a custom mold.

What causes the Game Ear to whistle or squeal?

It’s caused by amplification and a bad acoustic seal. The sound is actually leaking out around the foam ear plug or the muff cup causing feedback. It’s very important to have a good seal. If that doesn’t work get a custom plug.

When will the sound activated compression in my electronic muffs start?

The sound will be reduced after a sudden loud burst of over 90db.

Will having one damaged ear affect a persons ability to locate sound direction in the field?

This creates a major problem locating sound because your own natural sense of direction is out of balance, sounds most of the time will seem to be coming from the side with the good ear.

Will you hear more with 2 Game Ears?

Naturally, two Game Ears will double your hearing ability, and in some situations may help determine some degree of direction. But keep this in mind, there is no true stereo in an open environment, sound waves can travel in many different directions in the woods. You also have the echo effect, where sound waves ricochet off rocks, trees and any other solid objects. Sound will travel in different directions through hollows, ravines, and even wind can change the direction of sound. Statistics show 35% of our customers prefer or do better with two units, we leave that decision up to you.

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